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Roadside Repairs

In summer motorcyclists gather at rallies with the ride to and from the site often being the main attraction.

Years later the memory that stands out is mostly the roadside repair that got the whole group there.

On August 23rd this year a group of friends went to a BSA Rallye and Fast Franzi,
the proud owner of a garden gate ES2, had a copper tube fuel pipe fracture as he rode along leading the group.

A quick repair using a piece of the breather pipe of Tim Seifert's Commando battery joined the two pieces of the fuel pipe back together again
and the trip to the rally site and back was made without further incidents.

Apart from Klaus who found out, at the site, that the swinging arm bushes of his single downtube 19S were not the cause of his wobbly real wheel,
but a fractured frame tube is- which he must have had since spring this year.
His immediate attempt to place a warranty claim for his 1958 frame was rejected by Joe Seifert, another group member and director of Andover Norton.
Klaus rode home in a far more sedate manner than is his custom....