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End of Summer...

Riding to work yesterday I encountered this scene which reeks of autumn.
It was nice and sunny elsewhere, but in this spot I saw the grey mornings of autumn aren't that far away.

Most Norton owners don't realize Andover Norton holds the complete ex-factory stock of Rotary spares and technical drawings
taken over from Norton Motors Ltd in Rugeley and continues to supply Norton Rotary owners with spares for their rare Nortons.

The F1Sports concept was an idea conceived in Germany to get the F1 over the emissions hurdle
and the heat out ot the motorcycle that the beautiful F1 fairing kept safely in it.

Richard Negus and Bob Rowley of Norton Motors Ltd/Shenstone converted the rough idea into metal
and thus the F1Sports ("TT" in Germany) became probably the best rotary-engined motorcycle of all times.

Riding the bike again after an involuntary pause of seven years- it was crashed by my nephew-
reminds me why I always loved the concept, and how good it was.

Only 66 F1Sports were assembled in the Shenstone factory, and the very last- the 67th- was built from spares at Norton Motors GmbH in Germany

That said, I still love my older Nortons and mostly ride my Commando.

Joe Seifert, Director, Andover Norton