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Beautiful British Classic in Mint Condition!

No, this wasn't the seller's description- neither was the usual "Needs slight attention" or "Must be seen" (to be believed?)

This is the dream of any fullblooded DIY Norton fan:
 A one-owner-from-new neglected bike.

It may look daunting to the amateur who is normally tempted to buy a more presentable wreck.

But in real life the cost of rebuilding a wheel is the same whether the spokes and rim are just slightly rusty or really gone as above.
The cost of a new exhaust system is again identical and so is the cost of new chrome parts, repainting and the mechanical overhaul.

Far more satisfying than to rebuild a bike that looks sort-of-ok but then turns out to be a wreck is to restore a real wreck.

That said, even wrecks aren't exactly cheap these days- but doesn't it make you itch to get your spanners out right now?

Bike will be on display at Andover Norton until Joe Seifert gets his spanners out of his other projects....