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Riding Nortons till the cows come home...

The bike above is not the typical Norton, but a Norton nonetheless.

As you may know this is one of the 67 F1Sports (P55B, sold as the "TT" in Germany), most probably the best Rotary model ever built.

Few "Norton Specialists" still ride Nortons as their hobby.
Many have found other pastimes, say cars or trains. But Andover Norton's owners still love to ride Nortons on road and track.

Which probably explains their insistence on quality rather than price.
Not only their customer's, their own lives too depend on Andover Norton's parts being up to the job!

Coming back to the Norton P55B above:
Andover Norton has the complete Shenstone factory inventory of rotary spares, acquired from Norton Motors Ltd.
 And the owner's family owns the bike above and an F1 racer, so has a vested interest in maintaing the stock level.

P.S. No cows were harmed in the taking of this picture.