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2016 Norton Calendar

Our big-format calendar shows the bike of an Andover Norton customer each month.


Price UKŁ10.79 +VAT

Steve Wilson's "Norton Motor Cycles"

Currently the only marque history available and very good, too.
Limited to the post-war era, 1950-1986.

Gives historical and technical information as well as the economic background.
It offers far more than the usual books that limit themselves to defining
the width of pinstripes on the petrol tank.

Part# SW001

Price UKŁ22.50

"Designed to Race" 2nd Edition by Peter Williams

"Designed to Race" is the autobiography of Peter Williams, the man known to all Norton enthusiasts as the designer and racer of the Commando-based works Production Racers and, more importantly, the Formula 750 John Player Norton works racers. The second edition takes it forward to how Peter succeeded in getting his Monocoque Racer Replicas into production.

Part# PW001

Price UKŁ35.00

Norton Commando Fastback

1:12 scale model, green. 

Part# 06-7224

Price UKŁ50.00 +VAT

Norton Commando Fastback

1:12 scale model as above, 
but in red. 

Price UKŁ50.00 +VAT

Norton Sew-on Badge
As used in the 1980s at Norton Motors Ltd on the works overalls. 
Price UKŁ4.91 +VAT

Norton Motors Sew-on Badge
As above, but with the 
"Norton Motors" Logo. 
Part# 06-6983/1
Price UKŁ4.91 +VAT

Norton Motors Wooly Hat

No Norton Rider should be without one next winter!

Price UKŁ5.77 +VAT

Norton Motors Cap

For the experienced Norton Rider who knows his remaining hairs by name, this cap is a must on a sunny day.

Part# NCAP
Price UKŁ7.02 +VAT

Norton Motors T-Shirt

High Quality T-Shirt, works tested for several years, Logo sewn on as on cap and Wooly Hat; not one of those T-Shirts that shrink in every wash!
In cheerful black with red stitched-on Logo.

Part# NMT/M Medium
Part# NMT/L Large
Part# NMT/XL X-Large

Price Ł10.21 +VAT.

Norton Motors Sweatshirt

High quality Sweatshirts, again works tested for several years (we have one a decade old and still in use!), Sizes M, L, XL

Part# NMS/M Medium
Part# NMS/L Large
Part# NMS/XL X-Large

Price Ł19.99 +VAT

Norton Cufflinks

We have discovered a small box of cufflinks from the Norton "Collectables", that were produced in about 1988 by Norton to support their launch of the rotary models in the civilian market. (A small number of the "Collectables" catalogue still available from us, see "Technical Publications")

Cufflinks will be sold while stocks last.

Now only available in green, Part#13-9960

Price UKŁ19.80 +VAT per set

Norton Enamel Badge
Nice badge, faithful copy of Nortons petrol tank/timing cover badges in the 1950s and 60s. Diameter about 3".

Price UKŁ17.25 +VAT

Norton Enamel Badge
Heavy enamel badge, same manufacture as the one above, measures about 4"x8".
Price UKŁ20.00 +VAT

Thermometer "Norton Service"
As above, but different design.
Part# 12-9995
Price UKŁ25.36 +VAT

Norton Enamel mug

Size 75mm (3") diameter x 
70mm (2 3/4") height.


Price UKŁ8.93 +VAT

Norton Enamel Mug

Size 75mm (3") diameter x 
70mm (2 3/4") height.


Price UKŁ8.93 +VAT

Why bother with Pirate Mugs of unknown Quality?
Would you trust it to hold your Tea or Coffee?

Here is the Genuine Norton Factory Spare Mug!

Part# 13-9951

Price UKŁ4.99 +VAT

Travel Tag "Norton" 
Fill in your personal data on reverse. Size 55mm x 94mm (2 1/8" x 3 3/4")

Part# 06-7072
Price UKŁ0.90 +VAT


Part# 12-9992

Price UKŁ4.25 +VAT

Commando Tool Roll

Newly introduced, a tool set in the spirit of the original unit supplied with the Norton Commando. Larger and more comprehensive, with UK sourced tools packed in a high quality vinyl tool roll branded with the Norton logo. 
Rolled size is 3.5” diameter x 8 ľ” long.

This has not been available for over two decades. The spanners are top quality, and will not look out of place in a professional workshop. 

Part # 06-7268

Price UKŁ79.90 +VAT

For trade enquiries please contact Hungerford office before ordering

Andover Norton Luggage System

For decades Commando Riders have been waiting for luggage equipment that saves them strapping various bags precariously balanced to their bikes. The Craven systems of old were of the "one fits all" variety and were used only because nothing else was available, not because they were the real answer to a Commando rider's wishes.

Now available from us, developed for Commandos- all Roadster/Interstate/Fastback models, 
and now including 850Mk3 models.


Luggage Rack, Black, Complete.
These will not fit  850Mk3 models!

Special offer while stocks last.

UKŁ198.00 +VAT


Luggage Rack, Chromed. Fits all models pre-Mk3 

UKŁ 249.00 +VAT


Luggage Rack, chomed, to fit 850Mk3 

UKŁ 257.04 +VAT


Hepco & Becker Panniers, 30 Litres, Pair

UKŁ 252.00 +VAT


Hepco & Becker Panniers, 40 Litres, Pair

UKŁ 282.00 +VAT


Hepco & Becker Top Case, 38 Litres   UKŁ 93.09 +VAT


Pannier Mounting Cleats (Pair)

UKŁ 26.97 +VAT

Production Racer Type Headsteady

For many years of racing and riding on the road I have preferred the production racer headsteady to the standard arrangenment. In my opinion, the increase in stability, though marred by a slight increase in vibration, is worth the expense. 

Tim Seifert, also a Commando rider, wanted one. So, using the our original drawing made by Peter Williams in 1969, he modified the structure.

He slimmed it down so it now fits even under the narrowest standart production petrol tank, the Roadster tank. 

Furthermore, adjustment is now possible in height and sideways through the integration of shims and oval holes in strategically important positions.
This headsteady is available from us and our prime dealers.

Beware of imitations.

Headsteady comes with Assembly Instructions.

Part # 06-7263

Price UKŁ145.00 +VAT

Magnetic Crankcase Filter Unit

An accessory for the safety conscious Norton owner- sump filter with magnet. 
This keeps your oil clean of metal abrasions before it goes back into circulation.

Part # 06-7281

Price UKŁ24.95 +VAT


Pazon Ignition for British Twins

This electronic ignition fits Norton, Triumph and BSA Twins with 12 Volt electrics and side points, using the original ignition coils (6V coils preferred, as OE on Commandos).

Part # 13-1500

Price UK Ł99.95 +VAT

Pazon Altair Ignition for British Twins

Is your current ignition not letting your bike reach its full potential?

Need an advance curve that better suits your engine?

Does your bike not want to fully rev out due to poor spark energy?

Is your battery not lasting a full race meeting?

The PAZON Altair ignition system is the hassle-free solution to your ignition worries.

Part # 13-1501

Price UK Ł189.51  +VAT

Powerbox, Single Phase

For 2-wire alternator stators.
Strong version to suit high-output single phase alternators (850Mk3). 
Replaces rectifier and Zener Diode. AC in DC at the correct voltage out.

Part# 13-1422

Price UKŁ58.32 +VAT

Powerbox, Three Phase

For 3-wire alternator stators. 
Replaces rectifier and Zener Diode. AC in DC at the correct voltage out.

Part# 13-1421

Price UKŁ58.32 +VAT

Stainless Rocker Oil Feed Pipe for Commando. 

Comes with Banjo Bolts and washers.

Part# 06-5561SS

Price UKŁ69.33 + VAT 

Electric Starter Kit

This kit, made by Alton/France, converts any 750 or 850 (pre-Mk3) Commando to electric starting. 
Kit contains all necessary parts bar the new, stronger battery one can buy locally, thus saving on freight. 
The new, more powerful alternator and a new inner primary chaincase replace the original components. 
Should one decide, at a later point in time, to go back to original this is also easily possible with this kit.

Part# 06-7287

Price UKŁ1.395.00 + VAT 

Petrol Taps replacing the leakprone originals; as fitted to late Meriden Triumphs. 

Part# 60-7266 (Standart) 
and# 60-7267 (Reserve)

Price UKŁ6.70 + VAT

AMAL Replica handlebar Grips

(Pair) for 7/8" (22mm) handlebars. As used on 1950s/1960s Norton Models 

Part# AMAL16/069-070

Price UK8.46 + VAT

Handlebar Grips "NAVA" 

(Pair) for 7/8" (22mm) handlebars. Similar to the ones used on Norton, BSA and Triumph Motorcycles.

Part# 06-7230

Price UKŁ4.60 + VAT